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Updated July 28, 2018
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Author: Motohiro NISHIO

The CH/π hydrogen bond

A weak hydrogen-bond occurring between soft acids and soft bases

Established April 1999


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This is a forum of everybody who is interested in the weak intermolecular forces.
The author wishes to introduce the important roles of the CH/π hydrogen bond in chemistry and biology.
He will be glad if you join us in the discussion. Please visit the database and visitor's page, and give your opinion, comments, and information.


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The CH/π hydrogen bond

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List of papers related to the CH/pi hydrogen bond; selected papers related to the XH/π and CH/n hydrogen bonds

Information, advice, and encouragement from the following scientists are gratefully acknowledged.

H.-J. Schneider (Saarbrucken), H. Sigel (Basel), F.-G. Klaerner (Essen), A. Schmidt (Stuttgart), F. Diederich (Zurich), C. Roussel, L. Stella (Marseille), E. N. Jacobsen (Boston), L. Sweeting (Baltimore), J. Steed (London), E. Dalcanale (Parma), S. Kondo (Tokyo), Y. Umezawa (Tokyo), Y. Takeuchi (Meiji Seika), T. Yuzuri (Yokohama), Y. Kohno (Yokohama), H. Masuda (Nagoya), P. Chakrabarti (Calcutta), G. M. Caciuffo (Ancona), K. Kuchitsu (Tokyo), T. Yoshida (Yokohama), T. Steiner (Berlin), H.-K. Fun (Penang), K. Kobayashi (RIKEN), A. Piccolo (Napoli), H. Takahashi (Kyoto), M. Iwaoka (Tokyo), Kyoko Ueno (Tokyo), H. Suezawa, S. Ishihara (Yokohama), V. Spiwok (Prague), O. Takahashi (Higashi Hiroshima)

Thanks of the author are also due to Takako Nishio, Jun and Chie Suzuki for their cooperation.

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The CH/π hydrogen bond